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About us

El Safwa Trading Est.


We do have the utmost pleasure to introduce our company El Safwa Trading Est. one of the El Safwa Group Chain. El Safwa Trading has been established in 2003.

Our CEO is Dr. Alaa El Din Hamed acting as the Managing Director. 
For your review, we are giving a brief synopsis about our business and activities. 
Since 2003, we have acquired a tremendous experience in the field of tires and batteries. Therefore, through our proficiency and reputation we were able to be the sole agents for prominent companies. For tires we are the sole agent of Atlas a premium tire for Shandong LING LONG Factory China, Thailand and Serbia. 
Moreover, ROSAVA Factory – agricultural –Ukraine. As well, a distinguished client to CST (Cheng Shing Rubber) (Xiamen) – China. In addition, as for batteries, we are the sole agent for Hyundai Sungwoo Solite Group – Korea, covering all range of automotive and golf cars. Owing to these channels, we were able to penetrate and dominate the market successfully achieving a substantial market share. At the same time, through our continuous survey to the market, we were able to annex our share, through the industrial batteries from SAITE – Vietnam, (UPS and solar energy). 
Besides, we are to enhance our individual accomplishments, in tires and batteries naming Moodstone and Taxxis which are our own brands.  
Furthermore, it is to elucidate that our CEO is one of the businessmen that believes in expanding the business in varieties.  He embraces the concept of business in a wide spectrum characteristic.  Therefore, he opened channel for garments specialized in Sport Garments through UNDER ARMOUR a widely well-known brand, besides, Glasses and Antiques through PASCHE PACHA, as well quite famous brand for unique industry and innovation. 
His objective is to cover the needs of the society, meeting all standards and tastes.  This will ensure a balance in the financial particular and sense.  
Our employees are 37 personnel with different positions and tasks.

Our Strategy

This brings us to the social factor, it is very important and essential to maintain our existence by all means. Therefore, we hold an annual celebration to our clients where we can meet, discuss the status of the market, encouraging by presenting awards. We do believe that everyone has the chance to succeed, it depends on how to 
mobilize this chance in his favor. It is not our ethics to create any sort of conflict of interests among clients. What is needed, is effort and persistence the methods and key of winning. 
Globally, we have to ensure our business with our suppliers 



Our main task is to fulfill our customers needs, and ensure to satisfy them by granting a high graded quality. 

Moreover, we are dedicated to importing a comprehensive range of top-quality vehicle tires and batteries from around the world. Our commitment is to deliver superior products that enhance road safety, performance, and efficiency for our customers. By leveraging global partnerships, advanced logistics, and a customer-centric approach, we aim to revolutionize the driving experience in Egypt while contributing to the nation's economic growth and sustainability.


We envision a future where our products empower and ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation across the country. Through innovation, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we aspire to set new industry benchmarks, earning the trust and loyalty of our customers. By continually pushing boundaries and embracing advancements, we aim to drive positive change in the automotive sector, contributing to a safer and more prosperous Egypt. 

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